Honda TRX450r Specs, HP, Price,Weight and Top Speed

Honda TRX450r Specs, HP, Price,Weight and Top Speed

Honda TRX450r Specs, HP, Price,Weight

Honda TRX450r Specs, HP, Price, Weight and Top Speed

The Honda TRX450R was an able off-road vehicle that was suitable for a wide range of terrain. It was light and agile, which made it easy to maneuver through restricted areas. The powerful engine offered plenty of power to climb steep hills and traverse terrain that was rough.

The Honda TRX450R is an SUV or sport-utility vehicle (SSV) that was manufactured by Honda from 2004 until the year 2014. It was driven by a 449cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine. It was famous for its light maneuverability, quick handling, and strong engine.

The TRX450R was withdrawn in 2014, yet it is still a top option for ATVs that are used. It’s a reliable and powerful vehicle that is guaranteed to give many years of enjoyment. The TRX450R was an extremely popular option for those who loved off-roading and was utilized in many races. The TRX450R was a favorite choice for camping and hunting.

Honda TRX450r Specs, HP, Price,Weight and Top Speed

About Honda TRX450R

Honda TRX 450R is a 39 horsepower all-terrain sport class vehicle(ATV) made in the United States by Honda Motors Co. It weighs 350 lbs and has a top speed of 74MPH when in the original condition. It features a liquid-cooled 450cc engine. an overall that is seat height of 32.8 inches, and sufficient performance components to keep owners satisfied.  

This TRX450R was the replacement of the FourTrax 250R model that was removed from production in 1989. The 250R model dominated ATV races for more than a decade and was the base for many race-tested ATV projects. When production was stopped, a gap was created, which was to be filled by the 450R.

ATVs the Honda TRX450R came out in 2004. Honda is determined to grab the attention of professional riders. So, despite CRF450R, the CRF450R, Honda released the TRX450R. It had more torque and this quad was designed to dominate in the ATV world.

Hond TRX450R ATV Price In USA

BASE MSRP: $6,649

Honda TRX 450r Top Speed

Top Speed: 74 MPH

Honda TRX 450r Weight

 Weight: 350 lbs

Honda TRX 450r Horsepower

Horsepower: 39 HP

Honda TRX 450r Seat Height 

Seat Height: 32.8 inches

Honda TRX 450r Specs


Engine 450cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore and Stroke 96.0mm x 62.0mm
Compression Ratio 12.0:1
Valve Train Unicam four-valve
Carburetor  Keihin 40.0mm
Weight 350 lbs
Ignition  CD with electronic advance
Horsepower 39 hp
Starter  Electric (kick version available)


Transmission   Five-speed
Drive-line  O-ring sealed chain


Front Suspension Independent double-wishbone with Showa shocks, featuring adjustable spring preload, rebound and compression damping; 8.4-inch travel
Rear Suspension Pro-Link with single Showa shock featuring adjustable spring preload, rebound and compression damping; 9.0-inch travel


Front Brakes Dual hydraulic 174.0mm discs with twin-piston calipers
Rear Brake Single hydraulic 190.0mm disc with single-piston caliper


Front Tires 22 x 7-10 knobby radial
Rear Tires 20 x 10-9 knobby radial


Length  73.3 inches
Width  46.3 inches
Height  43.3 inches
Wheelbase  50.2 inches
Seat Height  32.8 inches
Ground Clearance 4.4 inches
Fuel Capacity 2.7 gallons, including 0.8 gallon reserve

Honda TRX450R Features

Honda TRX 450R, which is also known as”450r” for short. This is part of the Honda SportTrax ATV family and is well-received. It has the same engine as is found in its two-wheeled counterpart the dirt bike but don’t let this make you think that all parts can be interchanged.

The TRX 450R’s engine was modified to meet the expectations of the more powerful four-wheeler. More oil capacity as well as smaller valves made of steel the strength of the clutch pack as well as three-ring pistons were just a few of the numerous enhancements.

TRX 450R has several stock aluminum parts that help to reduce weight, including the bumper on its front, the front fender stays as well as the brake pedal, the shifter, and the rear grab bar. The TRX 450 can also be easily transformed into a racer that is fully on thanks to the TRX front fender’s ear.

It is secured by four pop rivets. the LED brake light that is removed in a matter of minutes. The oil in the engine can be inspected through an eyeglass, maintenance of the air filter is easy and the swing arm’s axle adjustment lets you adjust the chain slack easily.

How fast is a Honda TRX450R?  and what is a Honda TRX450R top speed?

The maximum speed of the TRX450R is the speed of 74 miles per hour. However, the speed may be affected by the terrain on which the TRX450R is navigating. Apart from that, maintenance, the weight of the rider, carb adjustments as well and other variables can also affect the speed at a minimum. The direction of the wind can cause a TRX450R to slow down. Therefore, you need to consider these aspects.

Honda TRX450R Pros and Cons:

Pros :

  • The TRX450R’s 449cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine generates 39 horsepower which makes it among the top ATVs available on the market.
  • The TRX450R weighs only 350 pounds making it among the lightest and fastest ATVs of its kind. This makes it simple to maneuver in tight areas as well as over rough terrain.
  • There’s a broad selection of accessories and parts that are available for the TRX450R which makes it simple to modify the vehicle to suit your needs.
  • The TRX450R is able to get an average of 35 miles for every gallon. This makes it an efficient choice to fuel for off-roading.
  • The TRX450R is well-known for its reliability. This makes it a great option to keep for the long term.


  • TRX450R is not equipped with an electric start. This could be an issue in cold temperatures or when batteries are weak.
  • TRX450R could be uncomfortable on long rides, particularly for taller riders.
  • The TRX450R is a more expensive ATV than the other models.
  • The TRX450R’s kickstart is difficult to begin in cold temperatures.

FAQs – Honda TRX450R ATV

Q. How much is a Honda TRX 450R worth?

Honda TRX 450R four-wheelers for sale, with prices ranging from $4,399 to $9,399

Q. How much does a Honda TRX450R weigh?

The weight of the Honda TRX450R ATV is a Curb Weight: of 350 pounds, depending on the specific model and optional accessories.

Q. What is the Honda trx450r oil capacity?

Honda Trx450r Transmission Oil Capacity and Oil Type The most recommended transmission oils for the TRX450R include HP Trans Oil (80W/85W) or HP4 or GN4 (without moly). The capacity of the transmission oil is 0.58 one quart (roughly 19.6 Oz).

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