Honda 300EX Top Speed, Features, Specs ,Price, Overview

Honda 300EX Top Speed, Features, Specs ,Price

Honda 300EX Top Speed, Features, Specs, Price, Overview

The Honda 300EX is a classic in the world of off-roading, which has earned it its place as one of the most durable and powerful ATVs ever built. With its powerful engine, modern suspension, and a variety of features The 300EX ATV is able to handle nearly everything.

Honda is renowned in the automotive industry for its exceptional production quality and didn’t compromise on it. 300EX can be described as a premium manufactured product that provides thrilling off-road experiences for ATV drivers.

Its Honda 300EX has a 282 CC engine that generates 17-20 horsepower, and a top speed of 53 mph. It is well-equipped with a durable engine with balanced brakes, sturdy tires, and comfort. It also comes with an electronic push-start option which makes it the best choice for its class featuring the latest technology.

Read below to learn more details about the Honda 300ex Top Speed, Specs, Price, Review, and other related things.

Honda 300EX Top Speed, Features, Specs ,Price, Pros & Cons- Overview

About Honda 300ex

In 1993, the first time it was manufactured by Honda, 300EX is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). It was introduced as an upgraded version of TRX250X which was the only ATV that was sport-specific and suitable for both adults and beginners. It is still on the market.

The year 2008 saw Honda stop production on its 300EX model. It was surprising that, besides color differences, Honda did not change the majority of 300EX models; rather only the model’s title was altered.

You can find the same ATV that has the same 282cc four-stroke engine as well as other features under TRX300x.

One of the good things for fans of the 300EX is that, since this model was in the market for a long time and has been sold in such a large number of them, there are a lot of secondhand models for sale.

Even though 300EX has remained largely similar throughout the years it has been able to meet the expectations of fans of ATVs throughout the 17 years following its launch and up to the point that Honda ended its production.

Honda 300EX Features & Specs:

In 2009, it all came to a sudden end when Honda unexpectedly discontinued the 300EX and replaced it with the TRX300X. This came as a shock to all of the ATV community and left many people wondering what would become of the adored 300EX.

Thankfully, Honda listened to their loyal customers and brought it back. 300EX into 2021 but with a different name. It’s the 2021 Honda TRX300X is the modern version of the 300EX and comes with similar features and some exciting updates.


The Honda 300EX is powered by an engine with a single-cylinder displacement of 282cc which produces 23 hp. It is liquid-cooled and is equipped with one overhead camshaft (SOHC). It is connected to a manual 5-speed transmission, which has a reverse.

  • This engine has the bore of a cylinder that is 2.9 inches and a 2.6-inch long-stroke piston.
  • The induction method uses piston-valve carburetors that include an accelerator pump, and an 1.3-inch diameter.
  • The engine is extremely efficient in the conversion of fuel energy into mechanical energy. It is well-known for its endurance and long-lasting performance.

The engine is renowned for its durability and efficiency in fuel. It’s also fairly easy to maintain. The interval for oil changes is 2,500 miles and spark plugs must be replaced at intervals of 12,000 miles.
The TRX 300EX comes with a capacitor discharge ignition system as well as a five-speed manual transmission that has a final chain drive. This is an ideal combination for those who want an effortless, reliable trip.

Honda 300EX Engine Specs

Honda 300EX Engine Feature


Engine Type

OHC single cylinder 4 stroke air cooled


74mm (2.9in)

Valve Train

Overhead camshaft – chain drive

Compression Ratio



281.7cc (17.2ci)

Engine Dry Weight

42.8kg (94.4lb)

Starter Type


Cylinder Arrangement

Single cylinder inclined 20 degrees


65.5mm (2.6in)

Oil Capacity – Oil Change

1.6L (1.7USqt; 1.4Imp qt)

Cylinder Compression

1275kPa (185psi)


23.3PS (23hp)

Oil Capacity – Total

2L (2.1USqt; 1.8Imp qt)

Drivetrain and Transmission:

It is only one driveline mode and comes with 2-WD or 4X2 driveline types. 300EX comes with a light O-ring sealed chain. It comes with an automatic clutch as well as a 5-speed gearbox, which has reverse gear to allow for effortless forward movement.

All of these parts are in sync to ensure a smooth transfer of energy to the wheels, which allows for the ATV to go forward.

The transmission is fairly easy to maintain and simple to repair. It is recommended to change the oil every two years and the clutch must be checked and adjusted if needed.

Honda 300EX Drivetrain & Transmission Specs

Honda 300EX Drive Train and Transmission Feature


Clutch Type


Transmission Type

5 Speed with reverse



Gear Shift Pattern

R/1 – N – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5

Primary Reduction


1st Gear


2nd Gear


3rd  Gear


4th  Gear


5th Gear


Reverse Gear


Final Reduction


Drive Chain (Size/Links)



The technology of electric starting is extremely convenient and simple to utilize. The EX includes a CD ignition system which functions as a pulse-transfer system and aids in the quick start of the car. In addition it is the CD ignition technology is maintenance-free and highly reliable.

Honda 300EX Ignition Specs

Honda 300EX Ignition Feature


Ignition Type


CDI Identification Mark

CI632 (HM3)

Spark Plug Gap Max

0.6-0.7mm (0.024-0.028in)

Spark Plug

X24ESR-U (Denso) DR8ES-L (NGK)

Ignition Coil Secondary w/ Cap

2500-3500 ohm

Pulse Generator Peak Voltage

0.7 V minimum

Lighting Coil

0.2-0.6 ohm

Ignition Coil Primary

0.1-0.3 ohm

Primary Coil Peak Voltage

100 V minimum

Pulse Generator

300-500 ohm

Full Advance Ignition Timing

33.0 degree BTDC

Ignition Coil Secondary w/o Cap

7000-9000 ohm

Initial Ignition Timing

17.0 degree BTDC


Regarding tires for ATVs, We often hear about tire manufacturers having to increase the size of their tires or on quality. This isn’t the case in the case of the Honda 300EX.

The ATV is factory-equipped with 22×7-sized tires as well as 10 inches of rim diameter. Both tires come with long service lives and are able to grip the road. You can rest assured that you’re getting a top-quality tire with the best performance.

Honda 300EX Tire Specs

Honda 300EX Tire Feature


Composition of wheels in Honda 300ex


Diameter of front tire

22 inches

Diameter of rear tire

22 inches

Width of rear tire

10 inches

Diameter of rear wheel

9 inches

Diameter of front wheel

10 inches

Width of the front tire

7 inches


The front brake on the Honda 300EX is a Dual Hydraulic disc, which offers better-stopping power and more precise control over braking. Dual discs are two 174mm discs, each with single-piston floating calipers.

The rear brake on the Honda 300EX is also a hydraulic disc, but it is equipped with an even larger disc than the front. The rear disc measures 220mm wide and comes with a single-piston floating caliper.

Honda 300EX Brake Specs

Honda 300EX Brake Feature


Front Brake Type

Dual hydraulic disc

Front Disc Length


Rear Brake Type

Hydraulic disc

Front Disc Length



The frames are made from high-tensile steel that is strong and lightweight. Its EX front suspension has a double wishbone and two shocks hydraulically able to travel 6.7 inches. It is completely independent of the suspension.

It comes with an adjustable spring preload in five positions. The rear suspension utilizes one shock as well as a five-position spring preload like the front.

The steel frames with high-tensile strength are built to last and are light which makes the 300EX an ideal choice for all riders.

Honda 300EX Suspension Specs

Honda 300EX Suspension Feature


Type of front suspension

Independent double wishbone

Size of front travel

6.7 inches (170 mm)

Presence of front central suspension strut


Presence of steering damper in vehicle


Presence of front stabilizer bar


Type of rear suspension

Swing arm


The breadth and length measure 67.7 as well as 43.5 inches and 43.5 inches, respectively. Its seat is 33.3 inches, and the wheelbase is approximately 45.3 inches.

The weight is about 171 pounds. Furthermore, the 300EX comes with a fuel capacity of 2.2 Gallons. The ground clearance is 124 millimeters.

It is the Honda 300EX is considered an inexpensive ATV. This means it’s not a gasoline consumer, and it has an excellent fuel economy.

According to the company, the car offers an average that is 20 miles for every gallon which is a number that can be improved with regular and prompt servicing. With a full tank of fuel, you can be on the road for all day or approximately five hours of hard riding.

Additional Features:

Honda provides a 6-month warranty starting from the beginning. Additional features include an accessory for helmets a two-stage air filter that is washable, and an adjustable handlebar cover.

The 300EX is equipped with a wide range of accessories, such as an accessory kit that includes a 60/55-watt lamp dust cover and much more.

As we have mentioned it has an extremely sturdy frame that is lightweight so that drivers can easily move the vehicle. 

The vehicle is built with a large frame that makes it easy for the driver to maneuver the vehicle with ease in muddy, sandy, or even rocky terrains.

How fast is a Honda 300EX? And the what is Honda 300EX’s top speed?

The Honda 300EX has a top speed of 50 miles per hour. This is a subject about which test drivers hold diverse perspectives. Its speed EX will differ based on the terrain as well as the characteristics of the vehicle.

According to a driver who was tested, on a flat piece of asphalt the 300EX can reach speeds of around 54 miles an hour when driving on dirt roads, based on the type that dirt roads are, speed decreases by about approximately 5-8 miles an hour.

Speeds that are higher than 54 mph could be uncomfortable for drivers and can have negative repercussions.

By adjusting the aspect ratios of gears, it’s feasible to operate the 300EX at speeds of 60 mph or even. There is a chance that the GPS will show an MPH that is more or less than the actual speed Before you take an actual test drive, it’s recommended to verify how accurate the GPS of the Honda 300EX is.

How to Increase the Honda 300ex Top Speed?

In normal conditions On normal terrain, on normal terrain, the Honda 300EX has a top speed of between 50 and 52 mph. The addition of speed will add more value to your car. For EX lovers who want to improve the performance that their vehicle, we’ve outlined some options below.

Change Sprocket’s Drive Ratio

You can improve the performance on the 300EX by adjusting the stock sprockets included. Chain wheels, or sprockets, are made up of a variety of teeth.

To adjust the ratio of drive it is necessary to adjust the front and rear sprockets’ sizes, and then split them to create the required ratio.

The normal speed range of 300EX is 50 km/h. However, it could be elevated to 70 km/h by changing the teeth of the front sprocket to 15, and the teeth of the rear sprockets to 36. Additionally, the optimal ratio recommended to use for 300EX is 14/34. This boosts the speed of an ATV by approximately 65 KMH.

Increase the Horsepower

It is possible to have the speed enhanced by utilizing more energy out of the motor. There are several ways to boost the performance of your ATV. First, ensure that the engine is able to run without restriction circulation in the air.

The engine needs to have the highest airflow to supply force to the vehicle. The air filter within the vehicle assists in delivering an additional amount of air to the engine and improves the performance of the engine.

One of the easiest methods to increase your horsepower is to improve the intake of air. In the second, you can alter an exhaust performance system. Select the most efficient aftermarket exhaust that will reduce weight and improve efficiency.

Upgrade important parts inside the engine or modify the engine

A vehicle’s performance engine could be enhanced by modifying the essential internal components like the piston, cylinder, and crankshaft. You should be comfortable disassembling and resetting your engine.

If you’re not sure of your ability to dismantle your engine, replacing it could be the right choice for you. A few of the possible issues are being aware that the step requires more money and you might have to employ experts to carry out the task.

Certain copper-based components that are heavy are able to be replaced with lighter ones. This could reduce aerodynamic drag, and also boost the speed of the 300EX. You can alter the wheels, Thumb Throttle Assembly, compilers, and more.

Honda 300ex  Advantages and disadvantages:


  • Due to its lightweight components and its superior quality Due to its superior quality and lightweight components, the 300EX requires very little maintenance. Thus, minimal lubrication is essential to preserve its high-end quality.
  • A 300EX ATV, whether new or just a couple of years old, will offer about 20 miles of fuel per gallon on average.
  • The 300EX is large enough to fit a medium-sized adult rider.
  • Its Hinda 300EX motor is extremely reliable.
  • With the 300EX there are numerous options for upgrades. A large selection of repair parts are available to allow you to modify to improve performance or faster speed.


  • Riding in sandy terrain may present challenges for the 300EX due to its traction and power output.
  • It would be desirable if the 300EX had more speed. However, the top speed can be increased.
  • Due to the 300EX’s small fuel tank, frequent refueling is a common issue, despite its good gas mileage.
  • The 300EX Tires can be vulnerable to “sticking” in soft ground when accelerating quickly, resulting in unexpected mini-wheelies.


The Honda 300EX is an excellent mid-sized ATV for ATV enthusiasts. It’s built to withstand dirt roads and has proven reliable and long-lasting. While it isn’t the most powerful ATV on the market, it’s nevertheless a great choice for those seeking an all-purpose ATV.

If you make the right modifications and some safety measures and safety precautions, it is possible to make the Honda 300EX an excellent ATV for beginner or experienced users.

FAQs. – Honda 300EX

Q. How many gears are present in a Honda 300EX?

This is an exclusive feature of the EX because it has a specific reverse gear in addition to the standard four gears to effectively manage various kinds of roads. Riders are able to quickly reverse and return using a simple reverse gear.

Q. How much horsepower does a Honda 300EX have?

They mostly reach 15 to 18 points as their standard horsepower, however, it could be converted to a higher level by utilizing particular handling.

Q. How much does a Honda 300ex weigh?

The height of the Honda 300EX measures 67.7 inches it is a mid-size vehicle and 300EX weighs approximately 171 KG. Its weight isn’t overly high compared to other ATVs.

Q. Is a Honda 300ex a 2-stroke?

There is no such thing. Honda 300Ex is one single-cylinder engine with four strokes, 282cc capacity. Its quality and features remained unchanged all through the years from its beginning in 1993 until the present.

Q. What is the worth of the Honda 300EX?

The base price of the Honda 300EX is $4000, with an average retail of $700.

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