2023 Yamaha Bolt R spec HP, Top Speed , Price, Specs & Review

The Yamaha Bolt R-Spec cruiser is retro-styled and powered by an air-cooled 942cc V-twin motor. The Bolt R-Spec is known for its stylish and simple design as well as the comfortable ride and easy handling. Bolt R-Spec has been a favorite of both beginners and experienced riders.

This bike’s 942cc V-twin motor produces 65 hp and 59.3lb-ft torque. What’s the best part? The peak torque can be produced at as little as 3,000 rpm.

This 2023 Yamaha Bolt R spec motorcycle price starts at $8,899 and is available in only one color – Storm Gray.

2023 Yamaha Bolt R spec HP, Top Speed,0-60, Specs, Price, Review, Seat Height, Weight, MPG, and Features.

2023 Yamaha Bolt R spec HP, Top Speed , Price, Specs & Review

2023 Yamaha Bolt R spec Key Specs

Price $8,899
58-cubic-inch (942cc) air-cooled SOHC V-twin; 4 valves
Displacement 942cc
5-speed; multiplate wet clutch
Power 65 hp
Seat Height
27.2 in
Curb Weight
542 lb
Fuel Tank Capacity
3.4 gal

2023 Yamaha Bolt R spec Standard Features

  • 42cc air-cooled V-twin engine
  • 65 horsepower and 59.3 lb-ft of torque
  • Five-speed manual transmission
  • 27.2 in Seat Height
  • 542 lb Weight
  • 3.4 gal Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Chain drive
  • Lightweight steel frame
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Bobber-style styling
  • Blacked-out components
  • Digital speedometer
  • Tachometer
  • Fuel gauge
  • Clock
  • Headlight
  • Taillight
  • Turn signals

2023 Yamaha Bolt R spec Price 

MSRP*: Starting at $8,899* 

Yamaha Bolt R spec Specs


Engine Type 58-cubic-inch (942cc) air-cooled SOHC V-twin; 4 valves
Bore x Stroke 85.0mm x 83.0mm
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Fuel Delivery
Fuel injection
TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
5-speed; multi-plate wet clutch
Final Drive


Suspension / Front
Telescopic fork, 4.7-in travel
Suspension / Rear
Dual piggyback shocks, 2.8-in travel


Brakes / Front
Hydraulic single disc, 298mm
Brakes / Rear
Hydraulic single disc, 298mm


Tires / Front
100/90-19 Bridgestone® EXEDRA G721 F
Tires / Rear
150/80-16 Bridgestone® EXEDRA G722 R


L x W x H
90.2 in x 37.2 in x 44.1 in
Seat Height
27.2 in
Wheelbase 61.8 in
Rake (Caster Angle) 29.0°
Trail 5.1 in
Maximum Ground Clearance
5.1 in
Fuel Capacity
3.4 gal
Fuel Economy**
51 mpg
Wet Weight 542 lb


1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)


What is Yamaha Bolt R spec Top Speed?

The 2023 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec can reach a maximum speed of around 106 mph (170.6 km/h), but it’s important to note that this motorcycle is built for cruising rather than high-speed riding. Riders should always stay within their abilities and follow the speed limit.

Yamaha Bolt R spec Overview

The Yamaha Bolt R-Spec comes with a 58-cubic-inch SOHC V-twin air-cooled engine with four valves. The engine bore and stroke are 85.0mm x 94.2mm. The Yamaha Bolt R-Spec produces 65 horsepower with 59.3lb-ft maximum torque.

It has a double-cradle frame made of steel and a front telescopic suspension. The ground clearance is 5 in and the rake/trail is 29.0deg/5.1 in.

Bolt R-Spec is equipped with a lightweight frame made of steel and adjustable suspension. The bike is easy to ride and handle because of the adjustable suspension. Bolt R-Spec has bobber-style styling with minimal bodywork and a blacked-out finish.

Bolt R-Spec is equipped with a lightweight frame made of steel and adjustable suspension. The bike is easy to ride and handle because of the adjustable suspension. Bolt R-Spec has bobber-style styling with minimal bodywork and a blacked-out finish.

Bolt RSpec is equipped with many features as standard, such as a digital speedometer and fuel gauge. The Bolt R-Spec also comes with a turn signal, a taillight, and a headlight.

2023 Yamaha Bolt R spec Photos

Yamaha Bolt R spec HP

Yamaha Bolt R spec Specs

Yamaha Bolt R spec Price

Yamaha Bolt R spec Review

Yamaha Bolt R spec Top Speed

2023 Yamaha Bolt R spec Features

Engine Performance

  • Air-Cooled V-Twin
    The 58-cubic-inch (942cc) engine is an air-cooled SOHC 60-degree V-twin with four valves per cylinder, a pent-roof-shaped combustion chamber, and a 9.0:1 compression ratio. The engine is designed to provide excellent power and superior low-end torque.
  • Low Friction Internals
    Special roller-type rocker arms with needle bearings are used to keep friction loss to a minimum, increase durability, and help the engine achieve the ideal performance characteristics.
  • Advanced Cylinder Design
    The pent-roof combustion chamber shape was precisely engineered to direct the fuel/air charge to the center of the piston for more efficient combustion and maximum power. Ceramic-composite plated cylinders provide excellent heat dissipation and reduced oil consumption.
  • Lightweight Performance Pistons
    High-quality forged aluminum pistons have a lightweight, high-strength, compact design that contributes to reduced vibration and increased durability.
  • Fuel Injection
    A sophisticated twin-bore fuel injection is used on the Bolt R-Spec to deliver strong acceleration for the ultimate urban riding fun. Precise 3D maps for ignition timing and fuel injection enhance performance in the mid-and low-speed ranges.
  • Compact Air Cleaner
    The stainless steel air cleaner cover provides a “raw metal” look that accentuates the Bolt R-Spec’s distinctive styling. In addition, the air cleaner design provides great intake efficiency and enhanced torque characteristics.
  • Unique Bolt Exhaust System
    A 2-into-1 exhaust pipe layout on the right side of the engine contributes to the lively performance and minimalist styling while delivering a rich, throaty exhaust note.

Top Features

  • Urban Performance Styling
    The Bolt R-Spec is stripped down with minimal chrome, epitomizing the “Urban Performance Bobber” look. The compact chassis proudly showcases the 58-cubic-inch (942cc) air-cooled 60-degree V-twin powerplant.
  • Rider-Focused Engine
    The Bolt R-Spec uses Yamaha’s advanced technology to create a riding experience superior to other similarly sized machines. Fuel injection and ignition timing maps have been chosen specifically for this bike to deliver class-leading performance with strong low- and mid-range torque that’s sure to bring a smile to every rider’s face.
  • Compact, Stable Chassis
    The slim body and low seat design combine to give the Bolt R-Spec light maneuverability and a stable handling feel. The upright riding posture helps the rider feel the wind, hear the sounds and experience the pulse of the machine.
  • Ready to Customize
    For riders who value making a bike their own, the options for the Bolt R-Spec are limited only by the owner’s imagination. As the perfect beginning canvas for personalization, the Bolt R-Spec is the ultimate example of a motorcycle conceived and designed with owner customization in mind.
  • Unique Bolt Persona
    Components such as the sculpted 3.4-gallon teardrop fuel tank, muscular blacked-out V-twin engine, distinctive 12-spoke front and rear wheels, belt drive, and steel fenders all combine to bring a hotrod Bobber style to Yamaha’s Sport Heritage lineup.

Chassis Suspension

  • Handling-Focused Frame
    A double-cradle frame provides precise handling and enhances city riding enjoyment thanks to the rigid mount system mounting the engine directly to the frame.
  • Low Seat Height
    The low-set seat provides a great riding position while being a mere 27.2 inches off the pavement, so most riders can easily put both feet firmly on the ground at a stop.
  • Agile Wheelbase
    Bolt R-Spec’s short, 61.8-inch wheelbase contributes to the bike’s great handling, providing precise, tight turns in city riding and solid, stable handling on the open road.
  • Advanced Suspension
    The beefy front 41mm fork tubes offer excellent suspension performance and the twin rear shocks, which include piggyback style gas chambers, have been tuned to provide great comfort and handling while contributing to the machine’s low, aggressive profile.
  • Low Maintenance Belt Drive
    At just 21mm wide, the drive belt contributes to the slim and clean look of the rear end. The belt has a carbon-fiber core which adds strength and durability for longevity.
  • Modern Wheels & Tires
    Distinctive 12-spoke cast alloy wheels provide strength and toughness while Bridgestone® tubeless 100/90-19 size front and 150/80-16 size rear tires offer excellent road grip in varying conditions.
  • Powerful Braking
    The 298mm front disc brake and 298mm rear disc brake both use wave rotors, the style usually found on sport bikes. The front brake uses a floating mount for great heat-distortion resistance, contributing to excellent braking performance.
  • Slim, Stylish Fuel Tank
    The 3.4-gallon fuel tank is a traditional teardrop style with a slim shape that includes flattened top and side surfaces. Plus the premium flangeless design makes for even cleaner lines, enhancing the Bolt R-Spec’s custom styling without the ugly tank seams found on so many other bikes in the class.

Additional Features

  • Modern Lighting
    LED rear taillight looks cool and adds to the modern bobber appeal.
  • Slick Instruments
    Compact digital LCD meter assembly provides clean styling with excellent visibility.
  • Real Steel Fenders
    Steel front and rear fenders are ideal for personalization, including paint and customization.
  • Bobber-Style Seat
    The Solo rider saddle adds to the minimalist bobber look while providing support for longer rides.

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What is the seat height of the 2023 Yamaha Bolt R spec?

The seat height of this Yamaha Bolt R spec is 27.2 inches.

How much horsepower does a Yamaha Bolt R spec have?

65 hp

What is the price of the 2023 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec?

The starting MSRP of the 2023 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec is $8,899 USD.

How fast is the Yamaha Bolt 0 to 60?

This model can run to 60 miles per hour in 5 seconds flat.

How heavy is the Yamaha Bolt?

The Yamaha Bolt weighs approximately 540 pounds (245 kg) wet

What is the estimated fuel consumption of the Yamaha Bolt R-Spec?

The Estimated fuel consumption of the Yamaha Bolt R-Spec is approximately 51 MPG.

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