2023 Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro: Top Speed, Specs, Price, Review, Range

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Top Speed, Specs, Price, Review, Range, Seat Height, Weight

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro specs, Top Speed, Price, and mileage are listed below. We recommend keeping the model year in mind when reviewing Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro specs. The specifications of the Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro, including its Top Speed, weight, MPG, horsepower, Seat Height, and other aspects, were published with the help of the manufacturer’s manuals. Verify the Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro specs with the seller. We will add the Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro review video to assist you in your purchase.

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Top Speed, Specs, Price, Review, Range, Seat Height, Weight

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Key Features

  • Max Torque: 96Nm
  • Hill Grade: 15%
  • APP Control
  • Range: 15.5 Miles
  • MAX Power Unit*: Detachable Ninebot S
  • Top Speed: 23 mph
  • Payload: Max 220 lbs (100 kg)
  • Max. Acceleration: 1.02G

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Specs

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Size

Vehicle size 55.9 x 33.5 x 23.6 in (1420 x 852 x 600 mm)
Package size 41 x 33.5 x 18 in (1040 x 852 x 459 mm)

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Rider

Payload Max. 220 lbs (100 kg)
Net weight Approx. 112.9 lbs (51.2 kg)

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Driving

Height requirement 51.2-74.8 in (130-190 cm)
Recommended Age 14+ years old

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Machine Parameters

Speed Limit Approx. 23 mph (37 km/h)
Reversing Speed Limit Approx. 1.9 mph (3 km/h)
Ground Clearance Approx. 1.8 in (45 mm)
Typical Range Approx. 15.5 mi (25 km)
Steering Ratio 2.1:1
Operating temperature 14104F (-1040C)
Maximum slope 15
Traversable Terrain Flat surface, paved road; obstacles < 0.4 in (1 cm); gaps < 1.2 in (3 cm); slopes < 15
Storage temperature -4122F (-2050C)
IP rating IPX4
Speed Mode ECO modemax. speed: 5 mph (8 km/h); STRADA modemax. speed: 11 mph (18 km/h); SPORT modemax. speed: 17.4 mph (28 km/h); CORSA modemax. speed: 23 mph (37 km/h).

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Battery

Nominal Voltage 55.5 V DC
Nominal Energy 432 Wh
Max. Charging Voltage 59.5 V DC
Charging Temperature 32–104°F (0–40°C)
Battery Management System Over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit, and over-heating protection. Auto-sleep and auto-wake.

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Charger

Input Voltage 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage 59.5 V DC
Nominal Power 120 W
Output Current 2A

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Motor

Nominal Power 500 W x 2
Max. Power 2400 W x 2

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Front compartment battery

Model/Quantity 6 AA Batteries

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Brake

Braking method Electronic brake + mechanical handbrake
Braking distance 20 ft (6 m)

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Tires

Front tires Tire width: 3 in (80 mm); flatness ratio: 60%; hub diameter: 5 in (127 mm)
Rear Tires Tire width: 2.7 in (68 mm); 10 2.75 in, hollow solid tire

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Light

Headlight 0.2 Watt white LED light bar
Status indicator The indicator comes in three colors: blue, yellow, and red. Blue means that the vehicle is in normal condition. Yellow means that the batteries in the front compartment need to be replaced. Red means that the vehicle has a performance failure, and you need to open the app to check the cause of the failure and contact the after-sales service.
Taillights Rull-color RGB taillight/brake light

2023 Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro price 

Price: $1999.99

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Max Speed

Max Speed: 23 MPH 

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Max Acceleration

 Max Acceleration :1.02 G 

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Range

Max Range: 15.5 miles

Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Max Torque 

 Max Torque : 96 Nm

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