2022 Segway Loomo : Top Speed, Specs, Price, Review, Range

Segway Loomo Top Speed, Specs, Price, Review, Range, Seat Height, Weight

Hello Guys!! Here in this article, I am going to share with you the 2022 Segway Loomo Complete guide Including:

  • Segway Loomo Specs
  • Segway Loomo Top Speed
  • Segway Loomo Price
  • Segway Loomo Range
  • Segway Loomo Review 

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Segway Loomo Top Speed, Specs, Price, Review, Range, Seat Height, Weight

Segway Loomo Key Features

  • Max Payload:  220 lbs (100 kg)
  • Range: 22 Miles 
  • Multi-Terrain Mobility
  • Advanced Computer Vision / Emotion Engine
  • Target and Follow
  • Voice and Gesture Controls
  • Splash Proof: IPX4
  • Easy to Ride
  • Includes Free Android SDK and Over-the-air Updates
  • Powerful AI That Incorporates Intel Real Sense
  • Playful Expressions and Personality

Segway Loomo Specs

Segway Loomo Rider

Payload Max. 220 lbs (100kg)

Segway Loomo Details

Size 650mm height, 310mm length, 570mm width
HD Camera 1080p 30Hz streaming with 104 degrees FOV
LCD Screen 4.3 inch, 480 * 800 pixels
Weight ~19kg (~42 lbs.)
3D Camera Intel RealSense ZR300 Camera for depth-sensing & motion tracking
Processor Intel Atom Z8750, 4 cores 2.56GHz, x86-64
Sensors Available Ultrasonic sensors, infrared distance sensors, touch sensors, encoders, IMUs
Operating System Customized system based on Android 5.1
Memory 4GB
Storage 64GB
Speed Limit 8km/h (4.3mph) in robot mode, 18km/h (11mph) in self-balancing vehicle mode
Traversable Terrain Paved road and sidewalks, packed dirt, slopes < 15, obstacles < 0.4 inch (1cm), gaps < 1.2 inch (3cm)
Typical Range ~35km (22 miles) per charge
Mic Array 5 microphones enabling beamforming, voice localization, and voice command recognition
Battery Capacity 329Wh
Waterproof IPX4

2022 Segway Loomo price 

Price: $2299.99

Segway Loomo Max Speed

Max Speed: 11.2 MPH 

Segway Loomo Robot Mode

Robot Mode: 4.3 mph 

Segway Loomo Range

Max Range: 22 miles

Segway Loomo HD Video

HD Video: 1080P

Segway Loomo Review

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