Yamaha Raptor 660 Specs,Top Speed,Price,Horsepower & Weigth

The Yamaha Raptor 660 is a powerful, capable, and versatile off-road sport utility vehicle (SSV) that is well-known for its strong engine, robust suspension, and slick design. It is a top option for those who want an efficient and flexible vehicle.

The Yamaha Raptor 660 is a 398-pound all-terrain sport class vehicle(ATV) produced by Yamaha Motors Inc. from 2001 until 2005. Its 660 Raptor includes a 36 horsepower 5 valve, 660cc 4-stroke liquid-cooled engine, with the highest displacement of any quad of the time.

It also features a 3 intake and two exhaust valves configuration, more than 10 inches of clearance on the ground an overall seat height of 33.9 inches, and a Top speed of 75 MPH(stock).

The most impressive part is that it was offered at a price of $6,499.00 across the U.S. This gives the Yamaha Raptor 660 impressive value in addition.

Yamaha Raptor 660 Specs, Top Speed, Price, Horsepower & Weight

Yamaha Raptor 660 Specs,Top Speed,Price,Horsepower & Weigth

Yamaha Raptor 660 Price in The USA

Price Starts at $6,499.00

Yamaha Raptor 660 Horsepower

Horsepower: 36 hp

Yamaha Raptor 660 Weight

Weight: 398 pounds

Yamaha Raptor 660 Specs


Engine Type Single-Cylinder, 4-stroke
Displacement 660cc
Power 36 horsepower
Bore x Stroke 100 × 84 mm (3.94 × 3.31 inches)
Compression Ratio 9.2:1
Fuel System Dual 33-mm Mikuni BSR33 carburetor


Transmission 5-speed, manual
Final Drive Chain

Chassis, Dimensions & Weights

Overall Length 72 in. (1828.8 mm)
Overall Width 43.3 in. (1099.8 mm)
Overall Height 45.3 in. (1150.6 mm)
Front Tires 21 x 7-10
Rear Tires 20 x 10-9
Front brakes Dual hydraulic disc
Rear brakes Hydraulic disc
Wheelbase 49 in. (1244.6 mm)
Ground Clearance 4.5 in. (114.3 mm)
Seat Height 33.9 in. (861.1 mm)
Wet Weight 410 lb. (185.97 kg)
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.17 gal. (12 l)

Yamaha Raptor 660 Specs,Top Speed,Price,Horsepower Weigth Review

Yamaha Raptor 660R Top Speed

The Yamaha Raptor 660 can reach a top speed of around maximum 74 mph. This is a respectable top speed for an off-road vehicle, and it makes the Raptor 660 a capable machine for both trail riding and racing.

Here are some other factors that can affect the top speed of the Yamaha Raptor 660: Temperature, elevation, and weight of the rider, ATV’s condition, surface type, and fuel type as well as any modifications all play an important role in the speed achievable from your ATV.

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FAQs – Yamaha Raptor 660

How much does the Yamaha Raptor 660 weigh?

The Yamaha Raptor 660 weighs 375 pounds.

What is the price of the Yamaha Raptor 660?

The price of the Yamaha Raptor 660 starts at $6,499.

What is the fuel Capacity of the Yamaha Raptor 660?

The fuel economy of the Yamaha Raptor 660 is 3.2 gallons

How can I improve the performance of my Yamaha Raptor 660?

There are a few things you can do to improve the performance of your Yamaha Raptor 660:

  • Install a performance exhaust system
  • Upgrade the suspension
  • Add a bigger fuel tank
  • Install a winch

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