2023 Kayo KMB 60 Top Speed, Specs, Price, Review

Kayo KMB 60 Top Speed, Specs, Price, Review, MPG, Horsepower, Seat Height, Weight

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Kayo KMB 60 Key Features

The Kayo KMB 60 is a great beginner bike. Powered by a tame 4-stroke engine that is fully automatic, makes it easy on the little tykes just getting started on their dirt bike journey. Disc brakes, front and back, lightweight, and a seat height of just 22 inches make maneuvering this little bike easy. An electric starter makes bringing the little engine to life a breeze. 

Kayo KMB 60 Top Speed, Specs, Price, Review

  • 56.8cc Displacement
  • 23.6 in. Height
  • 22 in. seat height
  • 34.4 in. wheelbase
  • Electric start
  • Reliable, low maintenance, 4-stroke engine
  • Enclosed chain guard
  • Disc brakes
  • Kick stand
  • Fully automatic
  • Enclosed chain guard

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Kayo KMB 60 Specs

Kayo KMB 60 Engine

ENGINE SOHC 4-stroke
COOLING Air cooled 
TRANSMISSION Fully automatic
FUEL CAPACITY .66 gallons

Kayo KMB 60 Suspension

FRONT SUSPENSION Conventional forks

Kayo KMB 60 Brakes


Kayo KMB 60 Tires

FRONT TIRES 2.50/10 inches
REAR TIRES 2.50/10 inches    

Kayo KMB 60 Dimensions

DIMENSIONS 50 x 23.6 x 32.2 inches
SEAT HEIGHT 22 inches 
WHEELBASE 34.4 inches 
WEIGHT 92.5 lbs.  

2023 Kayo KMB 60 Price 

Price: $999 MSRP*

Kayo KMB 60 Top Speed

Top Speed: NA

Kayo KMB 60 Horsepower

Horsepower: NA

Kayo KMB 60 MPG

Mileage:  NA

Kayo KMB 60 Weight

Weight: 92.5 lbs. 

Kayo KMB 60 Review


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  1. Not a very good brake system, brake pads are very small and master cylinder are super small. Had to replace both already and bike only has 30 hours on it. NOT designed to safe for KIDS . It took a very long time to get brake pads, and still didn’t fix problem. Service dept. replaced brake assemble on back and front. I spend $200 dollars, like i say a poor design. I’m not happy with the product


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