2023 Kayo Fox 70 Top Speed, Specs, Price, Review

Kayo Fox 70 ATV Top Speed, Specs, Price, Review, MPG, Horsepower, Seat Height, Weight

Kayo Fox 70 specs, Top Speed, Horsepower, Price, and mileage are listed below. We recommend keeping the model year in mind when reviewing Kayo Fox 70 specs. The specifications of the Kayo Fox 70, including its Top Speed, weight, MPG, horsepower, Seat Height, and other aspects, were published with the help of the manufacturer’s manuals. Verify the Kayo Fox 70 specs with the seller. We will add the Kayo Fox 70 review video to assist you in your purchase.

Kayo Fox 70 Key Features

The Kayo Fox 70 is perhaps the best ATV for any child over 6, just getting started. It has an electric starter, an easily manageable 70 cc engine, and it’s fully automatic. Disc brakes front and rear help you control your speed and stop securely when needed. The Kayo Fox 70 is suspended with appropriate-sized riders in mind, so you’re in for a stable, comfortable ride. A 6-month limited warranty covers the Kayo Fox 70.

Kayo Fox 70 Top Speed, Specs, Price, Review

  • 70 cc Displacement
  • 34.6 in. Height
  • 23.8 in. seat height
  • 6+ Age
  • Adjustable speed limiting
  • Reliable, low maintenance, 4-stroke engine
  • Safety tether
  • Fully automatic
  • Single rear tail/brake light
  • Safety flag mount
  • Rear disc brake
  • 4.5 in. ground clearance
  • Front disc brake
  • Dual front headlights
  • Electric start

Also Check:

Kayo Fox 70 Engine

ENGINE SOHC 4-stroke
COOLING Air cooled
TRANSMISSION Single speed, fully automatic
FUEL CAPACITY .55 gallons

Kayo Fox 70 Suspension

FRONT SUSPENSION Non-adjustable shocks
REAR SUSPENSION Single shock – adjustable

Kayo Fox 70 Brakes

FRONT BRAKES Hydraulic disc
REAR BRAKES Hydraulic disc

Kayo Fox 70 Tires

FRONT TIRES 16 x 8 – 7 inches
REAR TIRES 16 x 8 – 7 inches

Kayo Fox 70 Dimensions

DIMENSIONS 49.8 x 31.4 x 34.6 inches
SEAT HEIGHT 23.8 inches
WHEELBASE 30.3 inches
WEIGHT 158.7 lbs.

2023 Kayo Fox 70 Price 

Price: $1,299 MSRP*

Kayo Fox 70 Top Speed

Top Speed: over 25 mph (Est.)

Kayo Fox 70 Horsepower

Horsepower: NA

Kayo Fox 70 MPG

Mileage:  NA

Kayo Fox 70 Weight

Weight: 158.7 lbs.

Kayo Fox 70 Seat Height

Seat Height: 23.8 inches 

Kayo Fox 70 Review


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