Hondalink App Apk – Hondalink App Not Working 2023 Guide

Hondalink App – Hondalink Mobile App

Hondalink AppThe HondaLink app links your vehicle to your smartphone and Alexa-enabled devices to control the features of your ride. Download the HondaLink app today!

The HondaLink app has added new and thrilling remote control features like Remote Door Lock/Unlock, Remote Engine Start, and Find My Car.

Available for 2018+ Accord Touring, 2018+ Odyssey Touring/Elite, 2019+ Pilot* Touring/Elite/Black Edition, 2019+ Insight Touring, and 2019+ Passport* Touring/Elite vehicles.

Battery charge monitoring and control are available for Clarity Electric and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles.

Hondalink App

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Hondalink App Basic 

Why Use Basic Package?

Access essential details about your Honda with the comfort of the Basic package. You can also book service appointments and get 24/7 roadside help.


Vehicle Guides

Get digital guides like the owner’s guide to learn more about your vehicle.

Recall Notifications

Safety is our number one priority. Please notify me about important recalls that affect your vehicle

Service Appointments

Search for a Honda dealer near your location and book an appointment online.

Roadside Assistance

Towing, jump-starting, and fuel delivery are all available 24/7. All services are available during the warranty period.

Hondalink App Link

Why Use Link?

Know the status of your Honda and customize your navigation settings with the Link package. You can check your dashboard, obtain maintenance notifications, add favorite locations, and more.



You can check your smartphone’s mileage, fuel range, and oil life.

Vehicle Notifications 

Get information on maintenance minders and warning lamps for your vehicle.

 Vehicle Health Report

Keep up-to-date with monthly reports about your vehicle’s condition delivered directly to your inbox.


You can search for and save your favorite places to make it easy to find them in your vehicle. (Requires an In-Vehicle Navigator System

 Send Destination

Send a location to your car’s navigation system using your app. (Requires an In-Vehicle Navi System.

Hondalink App Security

Why subscribe to security?

Enjoy more peace of mind with the Security package. You will get access to features that help you in times of requirement, from roadside help to wiping your navigation data from your app.


Automatic Collision Notification

An agent will contact you to check on you and ask for help in an emergency.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

Get towing and repair services using the LINK button in

Use the LINK button to get towing or repair services for your vehicle.

Emergencies Call

An agent will be available to answer your calls and send emergency help if necessary.

Personal Data Wipe

The app will restore your navigation and audio system to factory defaults.

Driver Feedback

Your driving habits will determine your score. Your score will increase the more you drive well.

Hondalink App Remote

Why subscribe to Remote?

The Remote package unlocks more convenient connectivity features for your Honda. Effortlessly check-in on your vehicle’s location, get alerts and have exclusive access to Amazon features from your app no matter where you are.


Remote Start

You can make your car more comfortable by warming or cooling it before you go. *

Safety Alarm Alert

Receive notifications when your vehicle alarm goes off

Remote Lock & Unlock

The app allows you to lock and unlock your car doors remotely.

Search My Car

You can easily show your vehicle location on the app to never forget where it was parked.

Geofence Alert

You will receive a notification whenever your car enters or departs a designated area.

Destination By Voice

To search for locations and receive directions to your navigation system, talk to an IVR system.

 Stolen Vehicle Locator

The authorities can use sophisticated technology to locate your car stolen using the locator system.

Amazon Alexa Skill

Alexa can send commands to your vehicle. 

Driver Feedback

Your driving habits will determine your score. Your score will increase the more you drive well.

Hondalink App Concierge

Why subscribe to Concierge?

Take convenience to a new level with a connected concierge to help with making and confirming reservations from your car.


All the conveniences of the Remote Package, plus personal concierge service.

Personal Concierge

You can have the luxury of a concierge for hotel, restaurant, or airline reservations. You can send confirmation and navigation information directly to your vehicle.

Hondalink App not Working 2023

HondaLink is not loading.

It takes forever to download HondaLink or update it. The app also takes forever to load because it won’t open. Many people then try desperately to restart HondaLink’s download, but it doesn’t work.

Many will then try to test the internet connection. The WLAN still shows no reception and is either not working or very slow.

HondaLink loads extremely slowly.

HondaLink may be downloading slowly due to its size. Although the progress bar indicates a slow download, it could be due to the app’s size. You can see in the app store the downloaded file size and whether it takes too long to load.

HondaLink Update doesn’t start.

You can update HondaLink, or download it again. If you can’t get one to work, likely, the other doesn’t work either. It would help if you searched for the same solution.

So that you can easily download the HondaLink app, we have compiled a few solutions.


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