Honda RC51 Specs

Honda RC51 Specs, Top Speed, Price, HP, Review (2006)

Honda RC51 specs, Top Speed, Horsepower, Price, and mileage are listed below. We recommend keeping the model year in mind when reviewing Honda RC51 specs. The specifications of the Honda RC51, including its Top Speed, weight, MPG, horsepower, Seat Height, and other aspects, were published with the help of the manufacturer’s manuals. Verify the Honda RC51 specs with the seller. We will add the Honda RC51 review video to assist you in your purchase.

Honda RC51 Specs, Top Speed, Price, HP, Review, Weight, Value 

Honda RC51 Specs

Honda RC51 Specs – The Honda RC51, also known as the RVT1000R (in the USA) or VTR1000 SP1 (Australia and Europe), is a 90° V-twin motorcycle made by Honda from 2000 to 2006. Built by Honda to prove the point that Honda could outsmart Ducati on the track using a V-Twin.

The Honda RC51 motorcycle model is a Sport bike manufactured by Honda. In this version, marketed in 2006, the dry weight is 199.1 kg (439.0 pounds), and Honda RC51 is fitted with a V2, four-stroke motor. 

The engine delivers a maximum peak output power and maximum torque. With this drive-train, the Honda RC51 can reach a maximum top speed. 

On the topic of chassis parts, handling behavior, responsible for road holding, and ride comfort, the Honda RC51 has a frame with front suspension being 43.0mm inverted HMAS cartridge fork with the rebound, spring preload, and compression damping adjustability. 

At the rear, it is fitted with Pro-Link HMAS single shock with spring preload, rebound, and compression damping adjustability. Stock tire sizes are 120/70-ZR17 on the front and 190/50-ZR17 on the rear. 

As for stopping power, the Honda RC51 braking system includes a Double disc size of 320 mm at the front and a Single disc size of 220 mm at the back.

Honda RC51 Specs

General Information

Brand Suzuki
Model Honda RC51 
Start year 2006
Year 2006
Category Sport 

Engine and Transmission

Engine type – Number of cylinders V2, four-stroke
Fuel system Injection. Programmed Fuel Injection with two injectors per cylinder 
Engine size – Displacement – Engine capacity 999.00 ccm (60.96 cubic inches)
Bore x Stroke 100.0 x 63.6 mm (3.9 x 2.5 inches)
Compression Ratio 10.8:1 
Number of valves per cylinder 4
Camshaft Valvetrain Configuration DOHC 
Cooling system Liquid 
Gearbox 6-speed 
Transmission type, final drive ratio Chain 


Wheelbase 1,420 mm (55.9 inches) 
Seat Height 826 mm (32.5 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting. 
Trail size 95 mm (3.7 inches) 


Front Tyres – Rims dimensions 120/70-ZR17 
Rear Tyres – Rims dimensions 190/50-ZR17


Front Brakes Dimensions – Disc Dimensions 320 mm (12.6 inches) 
Rear Brakes Dimensions – Disc Dimensions 220 mm (8.7 inches) 
Front brakes Double disc 
Rear brakes Single disc 


Dry Weight 199.1 kg (439.0 pounds) 


Fuel Tank Capacity 18.16 litres (4.80 gallons) 


Front Suspension 43.0mm inverted HMAS cartridge fork with spring-preload, rebound and compression-damping adjustability 
Rear Suspension Pro-Link HMAS single shock with spring-preload, rebound and compression-damping adjustability 
Front Suspension Travel 130 mm (5.1 inches) 
Rear Suspension Travel 119 mm (4.7 inches) 

Honda RC51 Price

Price:  $6,500 to $12,000

Honda RC51 Top Speed

Top Speed: 164 mph (Est.)

Honda RC51 Horsepower

Horsepower: 133 hp

Honda RC51 Weight

Weight: 440 lb

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FAQ – Honda RC51

How much does a Honda RC51 weight?

The Honda RC51 weighs 199.1 kg (439.0 pounds).

How many gears does a Honda RC51 have?

The Honda RC51 have six gears.

How tall (seat height) is a Honda RC51?

The Honda RC51 seat height is 826 mm (32.5 inches).

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