2023 Best Toto Rickshaw Price in India, Specs, Features, & Images

Here is the Toto Rickshaw Price List in India 2023. You can also see Toto Rickshaw specifications, features, images, and more. Toto Rickshaws are gaining popularity in India’s tier 1 and 2 cities. There are many models of Toto Rickshaws on the market. Because they are both battery-powered and environmentally friendly, these three-wheelers make for a great mode of public transport. Even mainstream brands like Mahindra, Piaggio, etc. Many Rickshaws manufacturers are now selling battery-powered Rickshaws at attractive prices. These Rickshaws are also more cost-effective than the IC engine model.

Toto Rickshaw Price List in India

Toto Rickshaw Price List in India 2023

Mahindra Treo 4-Seater Rs 1.72 – 1.81 Lakh
Atul Elite Paxx Rs 1.3 Lakh
Mahindra e-Alfa Mini Rs 1.43 Lakh
Lohia Comfort Rs 1.55 Lakh
OK Play 6-Seater Rs 1.60 Lakh
Piaggio Ape E-City Swappable Rs 1.84 Lakh
Piaggio Ape E-city FZ Rs 2.83 Lakh
Mahindra Treo 3-Seater Rs 2.75 – 2.85 Lakh

Piaggio Ape E-City FX

Piaggio Ape E-City FX price specs

After the post-fame 2 subsidy, the Piaggio Ape E-CityFX price in India is Rs 2.83 Lakh. The electric motor powers it and comes with a PT transmission with differential type transmission. The battery is a 51.2V lithium-ion one with a capacity of 7.5 kWh. It takes just 3 hours and 45 mins to charge and offers 110 km of range. The Toto rickshaw can produce 5.44 kW and 29 Nm maximum power. The rickshaw can reach 45 km/h speeds and weighs in at 413 kg. Piaggio E-City FX has 8-inch front and back wheels and 4-inch wide tires. The Piaggio E-City FX has internally expanding front and rear shoe types front and rear drum brakes. It can hold 3 people and has a 163 mm ground clearance.

Piaggio Ape E-City FX Price in India

Rs 2.83 Lakh

Piaggio Ape E-City FX Specs

Motor Electric BLDC motor
Battery 51.2 V, 7.5 kWh
Top Speed 45 kmph
Range 110 km
Brakes Internally Expanding Shoe Type Drum
Wheels 8-inch Sheet Metal Wheels
Seating Capacity 4

Mahindra Treo 3-Seater

Mahindra Treo 3-Seater price specs

There are two options for the Mahindra Treo 3-Seater, but only one color option. The Mahindra Toto rickshaw cost in India is Rs 2.75 Lakh for a soft roof variant and Rs 2.85 Lakh for a challenging rooftop variant. The powerful electric motor runs on a 48V lithium-ion battery. The battery can hold 7,37 kWh and takes just 3 hours 50 minutes to fully charge. The Mahindra Treo 3-Seater Rickshaw has a range of 141 kilometers per charge and a top speed at 55 kmph. The front suspension is helical spring-type, and the rear shock absorbers are hydraulic. The front and rear brakes of this toto rickshaw are hydraulic. It has a kerb weight of 377 kg and a ground clearance height of 142mm.

Mahindra Treo 3-Seater Price in India

Rs 2.75 – 2.85 Lakh

Mahindra Treo 3-Seater Specs

Motor Electric Motor
Battery 48V Lithium-Ion, 7.37 kWh
Top Speed 55 kmph
Range 141 km
Brakes Hydraulic Brakes
Wheels Sheet Metal Wheels
Seating Capacity Driver + 3
Price Rs 2.75 – 2.85 Lakh

Piaggio Ape E-City Swappable

Piaggio Ape E-City Swappable price specs

The Piaggio Ape City comes with a light paint scheme. It is also one of the most sought-after Toto ricksha in India. It has an electric motor with a peak power output of around 5.44kW and a torque output of 29 Nm. The 48V lithium-ion battery powers the electric motor with a charge capacity of 4.5 kWh. It can be easily swapped, as the name implies. The certified range of the lithium-ion battery is 68 km per swap. It can reach speeds of 45 kmph, and its payload capacity is 389 kg. Piaggio Ape E-City Swappable features a telescopic suspension with a hydraulic compression spring and rear shock absorbers with dampers. Both the front and rear wheels are equipped with hydraulically-actuated drum brakes. The rickshaw’s ground clearance is 200mm, and the wheelbase is 1,920mm.

Piaggio Ape E-City Swappable Price in India

Rs 1.84 Lakh

Piaggio Ape E-City Swappable Specs

Motor 5.4 kW Electric Motor
Battery 48 V 4.5 kWh Lithium-Ion
Top Speed 45 kmph
Range 68 km/swap
Brakes Hydraulic Drum brakes
Wheels 8-Inch
Seating Capacity Driver + 3

Ok Play 6-Seater

Ok Play 6-Seater price in India specs

The Ok Play rickshaw model is compact and lightweight. This Toto rickshaw in India has a capacity for 6 people and costs Rs 1.60 Lakh. It is equipped with a 900W BLDC motor and four sets of 100 Ah 48V batteries. The Ok Play 6-seater model is a good choice for city use as it has a top speed of 25 kmph. The rickshaw can travel between 80 and 100 kilometers per charge. It weighs in at 320 kg and can carry 700 kg. It comes with 12-inch wheels and has mechanical drum brakes.

Ok Play 6-Seater Price in India

Rs 1.60 Lakh

Ok Play 6-Seater Specs

Motor 9000 W Brushless Motor
Battery 4 nos.100 Ah
Top Speed 25 kmph
Range 80-100 km
Brakes Drum
Wheels 12-Inch
Seating Capacity 6
Price Rs 1.60 Lakh

Lohia Comfort

Lohia Comfort price specs

Lohia Comfort, another budget-friendly rickshaw, is available in three versions. The base model comes equipped with a brushless motor and a 48V lead-acid battery. The 120 Ah battery provides a range of 80 kilometers per charge. Lohia Comfort can reach speeds of 25 kmph, and it can carry 400 kgs. The Lohia Comfort comes standard with a telescopic suspension and hydraulic rear shock absorbers. Lohia Comfort weighs 351 kg, and its wheelbase measures 2,035mm. The Lohia Toto ricksha has large 17-inch wheels and 6-inch wide tires. In addition, it has 130mm front and back drum brakes.

Lohia Comfort Price in India

Rs 1.55 Lakh

Lohia Comfort Specs

Motor DC Electric Motor
Battery 48V, 120 Ah
Top Speed 25 kmph
Range 80 km
Brakes 130 mm Drum Brakes
Wheels 17-Inch Spoke Rims
Seating Capacity 4
Price Rs 1.55 Lakh

Mahindra e-Alfa Mini

Mahindra e-Alfa Mini price specs

The Mahindra e-Alfa Mini, an electric version of the popular IC-powered auto-rickshaws from the Alfa series, is the Mahindra e-Alfa Mini. The base model has priced at Rs 1.43 Lakh in India. This is the most affordable Mahindra Electric Rickshaw in India. It has a 1000 W brushless DC motor and a 48V 120 Ah lithium battery. The Toto rickshaw can reach 25 km/h speeds and has a maximum torque output (3.2 Nm). The front wheel is 10-inches, and the rear wheels are 12-inches. Drum brakes are standard on the Mahindra e-Alfa Mini’s three wheels. It has a telescopic front suspension and a leaf spring-type rear suspension.

Mahindra e-Alfa Mini Price in India

Rs 1.43 Lakh

Mahindra e-Alfa Mini Specs

Motor 1000 W BLDC
Battery 48 V 120 Ah
Top Speed 25 km/h
Range 100 km
Brakes Drum Brakes
Wheels 10-Inch Front, 12-Inch Rear
Seating Capacity 4

Atul Elite Paxx

Atul Elite Paxx price in India specs

Atul Elite Paxx is a trusted Toto rickshaw with a powerful motor. It also has new-age features. The BLDC motor is the engine that powers it. It has a maximum power output of 1.0 kW. It can travel only 60km and has a top speed exceeding 20 km/h. The Elite Paxx rickshaw has a direct-drive multi-torque transmission and a 48V lithium-ion battery. It has a hydraulic rear brake and a mechanical front brake. Atul Elite Paxx features a coil spring-type telescopic rear suspension and a leaf spring-type front suspension. It has 12-inch wheels and hardtop roofing. The Elite Paxx includes a 12-month vehicle warranty and a 36-month battery guarantee.

Atul Elite Paxx Price in India

Rs 1.2 Lakh Approx*

Atul Elite Paxx Specs

Motor 1000 W BLDC
Battery 48 V Lithium-ion
Top Speed 20 kmph
Range 60 km
Brakes Drum Brakes
Wheels 12-Inch
Seating Capacity 4
Price Rs 1.2 Lakh Approx*

Mahindra Treo Yaari 4-Seater

Mahindra Treo Yaari 4-Seater price in India

The Mahindra Treo Yaari Toto rickshaw is one of the most popular in India. There are two options: a soft-top or hardtop roof. India’s base variant starts at Rs 1.72 Lakh, while the top-end variant costs Rs 1.81 Lakh. Direct drive transmission is available on the Mahindra Treo 4-Seater electric vehicle motor. The battery is a 48V lithium-ion with a 3.69 kWh charge. It takes just 2 h 30 minutes to fully charge the Treo 4-seater battery. The vehicle can travel 125km per charge. The Mahindra Auto Rickshaw’s top speed is 24.5 kmph, and its kerb weight of 286 kg. The front and rear wheels are equipped with a mechanical drum brake.

Mahindra Treo Yaari 4-Seater Price in India

Rs 1.72 – 1.81 Lakh

Mahindra Treo Yaari 4-Seater Specs

Motor AC Induction Motor
Battery Lithium-Ion, 48V
Top Speed 24.5 kmph
Range 125 km
Brakes Mechanical Drum
Wheels Sheet Metal Wheels
Seating Capacity 4
Price Rs 1.72 – 1.81 Lakh

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