2023 Timbersled ARO 3 PRO Specs, Price, Review, Weight

Timbersled ARO 3 PRO Snow Bike Top Speed, Price, Specs, and Review

Timbersled ARO 3 PRO specs, Top Speed, Horsepower, Price, and mileage are listed below. We recommend keeping the model year in mind when reviewing Timbersled ARO 3 PRO specs. The specifications of the Timbersled ARO 3 PRO, including its Top Speed, weight, MPG, horsepower, Seat Height, and other aspects, were published with the help of the manufacturer’s manuals. Verify the Timbersled ARO 3 PRO specs with the seller. We will add the Timbersled ARO 3 PRO review video to assist you in your purchase.

Timbersled ARO 3 PRO Specs, Price, Review, Weight

Timbersled ARO 3 PRO Key Features

Timbersled ARO 3 PRO Drivetrain

Brakes Timbersled Pre-bleed
Case Gearing (Upper:Lower) 22:23
Chain Case / Belt Drive QuickDrive Belt
Driver 3.0 pitch 6 tooth anti ratchet
Drivetrain Type Quick Drive Timbersled
Engine Chain / Inner Jackshaft Sprocket 520 X-Ring Chain
Jackshaft / Driveshaft Lightweight
Track Dimensions (W x L x Lug inches) 11.5 x 129 x 3.0
Track Name / Feature Gen 2 3″

Timbersled ARO 3 PRO Dimensions

Estimated Dry Weight – Front (lbs/kg) 16.0 / 7.25
Estimated Dry Weight – Rear (lbs/kg) 107 / 48
Overall Length 72 in (182.9 cm)

Timbersled ARO 3 PRO Rear Suspension

Hyfax Lightweight
Rail Color Black
Rear Travel – Fixed Fit Kit (in./cm.) 12.0 / 30.5
Rear Travel – TSS Fit Kit (in./cm.) 20.0 / 50.8
Shocks FOX QS3 IBP
Suspension Arm Color Black
Suspension Type Gen 2 ARO

Timbersled ARO 3 PRO Front Suspension

Ski Hoop Color Black
Ski Type Traverse®
Spindle Lightweight 
Spindle Color Black

Timbersled ARO 3 PRO Chassis

Bumper Included
Bumper Color Black
Chassis ARO 3 129
Frame Color Black
Graphics Black / Titanium
Side Panel Color Black
Snow Flap Included

Timbersled ARO 3 PRO Features

Color Options Black/Blue/Orange/Red/White
Fuel Storage Accessory (2.9 gal / 11 L)
Install ARO/RIOT Fixed or TSS
Storage Accessory

Timbersled ARO 3 PRO Price 

Price: Starting at $7,599 US MSRP

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Timbersled ARO 3 PRO Top Speed

Top Speed: NA

Timbersled ARO 3 PRO Weight

Estimated Dry Weight Front : 16.0 / 7.25 (lbs/kg)

Estimated Dry Weight Front : 107 / 48 (lbs/kg)

Timbersled ARO 3 PRO Review


Official Website: www.timbersled.com

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