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In terms of performance Bukk’s performance, it is said that the Bukk can be purchased in two versions: Super Light and Power Light.

The former is rated at 270 pound-feet (at the wheels) 13kW (peak) and 50mph top speed while the latter comes with 336 pound-feet of torque, 16kW, and 56 mph at full speed.

Add this to the low weight of 195 pounds and you can accelerate to speeds of 28,0 mph in 2.5 seconds (or 2.15 with The Power Light).

No matter which one you pick one of the Bukk comes with a 2.9kWh battery pack that’s good enough to last “three hours of off-road or trail riding” after which it takes under three hours to charge back to 100.

It’s also able to be removed without instruments, in case you just need to change it.

Cake Bukk LTD Electric Bike Top Speed, Price, Specs, Review, Seat Height, Horsepower, Range, Features

The new Cake Bukk Electric Bike offers a category-leading power-to-weight ratio. The newly designed drivetrain, with the 72V battery and 16kW motor, produces 420Nm of instant electric torque and top speeds of +100km/h, with three ride modes offering an array of riding style choices.

The Cake Bukk Electric Bike’s lightest and most robust body derives from the extruded and forged 6061 aluminum frame and components from the finest aircraft-grade alloys, including the new performance category.

The Cake Bukk Electric Bike 2.9 kWh battery charges fast in standard 110 v/220 v outlets and gets you from 0 to 80% in just over 1.5 hours and up to 100% in 2.5 hours.

At only 21 kg, the Cake Bukk features a lightweight battery with class-leading energy density. The Cake Bukk battery and frame design allows the fastest possible hot-swap of batteries in the field; no tools are needed.

The Cake Bukk offers unbeatable nimbleness and power thanks to the lightweight build. The newly developed drivetrain with the 72 V battery and 16kW motor produces over 420 Nm of raw instant electric torque and top speeds of over 100 km/h. The Cake Bukk provides incomparable agility, control, and speed on all terrains.

Cake Bukk Electric Bike is engineered and manufactured from scratch, including new and unique tooling; the frame, geometry, suspension and components are new and unique.

The extruded and forged 6061 aluminum frame and parts, deriving from the finest aircraft-grade alloys, include the new performance category.


Capacity 40Ah / 2.9kWh
Cells Premium 21700 lithium cells
Features Easily removable with toolless hot swap, can be charged when installed in bike or separately. Integrated led SoC (state of charge) indicator. For safety the battery turns off when removed from bike. CAN communication between charger and battery, and between controller and battery.
Voltage (nominal) 72V


Disc Stainless steel, 260/220mm diameter, 3.2mm thickness
Type Formula motorcycle disc brakes, four piston calipers, alloy levers. Hand lever for front- and rear brake.
Brake mode 1 Freewheel, no motor brake
Brake mode 2 Intermediate motor brake with energy regeneration
Brake mode 3 Hard motor brake with energy regeneration


0-100% 2.5 hours
0-80% 1 ⅔ hours
Type External charger for standard 110V/220V outlets


Features Best-in-class power density and state-of-the-art motor control algorithms.


Features Dashboard integrated in stem with battery SoC indicator, ride- and brake mode selection, warning indicator


Fork angle 25°
Ground clearance 350mm – 13.7″
Offset 20mm – 0.79″ in triple clamps, 25mm – 0.98″ in forks
Seat height 965mm / 38″
Trail 100mm / 3.9″
Wheel base 1360mm / 53.5″


Chain 420 chain with O-ring
Electric motor Interior permanent magnet motor
Front sprocket 12 teeth, rubberised to decrease sound
Nominal power 9kW
Peak power 16kW*
Rear sprocket 72 teeth
Torque (motor axle) 70Nm
Torque (wheel) 420Nm
Type Direct drive, chain

Fenders & Bodywork

Material PP plastic


Build 6061 aluminum, extruded, forged, machined, welded and painted.

Front Suspension

Travel 278mm
Type Black WP Cone Valve front fork 278mm travel ø43mm. Highly adjustable with compression damping, air pressure and rebound damping.

Rear Suspension

Travel 297mm (rear wheel)
Type Öhlins S46 shock absorber custom for CAKE. Rebound adjuster. Wide range of low speed compression adjustment, 3 clicks high speed adjustment


Interface 31.8mm / 1.25″
Material Aerospace grade 7050 aluminium
Rise 20mm / 0.79″
Width 800mm / 31.5″


Classification Off-road
License None***

Ride modes

Ride mode 1 Explore: The ultimate mode during exploration. Limited to 45 km/h with 3-4hrs battery range
Ride mode 2 Excite: Enduro or active trail riding. 1-2 h riding time
Ride mode 3 Excel: Track and race mode, maximal torque and speed, riding time up to 1 hour
Ride mode C Create your own ridemode by changing the speed, torque, acceleration curve and throttle sensitivity to your liking.

Speed & Range

Range Trail/Enduro riding: 3 hours**
Top speed 100kmh / 62mph


Battery 21kg / 46lbs
Dry 64kg / 141lbs
Max. permittable load 180 kg / 397lbs (bike + battery + rider)

Wheels & Tires

Hubs Forged and CNC aluminium CAKE hubs
Rims Front, 19″x1.40″ aluminium mx rims. Rear, 18″x1.85″ aluminium mx rims
Tires Front, 70/100-19 mx tires. Rear, 3.00-18 mx tires.

Cake Bukk Price 

Price: $14970 USD

Cake Bukk Top Speed

Top Speed: 100kmh / 62mph

Cake Bukk Range

Range: up to 3 hours**

Cake Bukk Weight

Weight: 85kg / 187lbs

Cake Bukk Battery

Battery: 72V / 40Ah / 2.9kWh

Cake Bukk Peak Power

Peak Power: 16kW*

Cake Bukk Torque (Wheel)

Torque (Wheel): 420Nm

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